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15 October, 2010

SPM is coming soon..

it had been a long time i never post the news to my blog. so, i am sorry for lately problems.. SPM, running late, be there soon.. only about a month to go before this becoming exam. so, i glad to work harder in the very short time. i actually want to achieve ubiquitous A for it. After the motivation given by the teachers, my fellow classmates, my parents and my siblings, now I'm feeling enthusiastic in studying now. huh.. in my class, i always be the person who always been mad. what a pity i am. so, everyday i always lesson the 'precious' advices and counselling word from them.. especially Mr Lim Yu Teong, Mr Kiu, Madam Habshah and much more.. i don't wanna list all of them to avoid big matter faces.. by the way, thank you teachers !

my lovely fellow classmates, good luck and all the best for this becoming exam.. hope to see the flying colours results next year.. best regards.

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