Khairy Writer: Solute for...> Matluthfi90, Anwar Hadi and Maria Elena.

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31 July, 2011

Solute for...> Matluthfi90, Anwar Hadi and Maria Elena.

Below are those who inspired me a lot in writing a blog. Watch and enjoy their video!!

 This video entitled "Bukan semua cantik subjektif" is about the assessment and peoples' opinion about beauty. We are influenced by mass media are mostly such as television, magazines and Matt Luthfi (haha.. do not know?)and until he turned into Shah Rukh Khan. If you want to know more about this video. Look at the video yourself...Enjoy watching!
This video >"Pesta Ibadah" is about to fill our time in the month of Ramadhan by doing good deeds as he did many acts of worship, reading the Quranmany chantingstop smoking cigarettes and more.Watch this videomust watch!!
 I haven't see the video, but certainly with respect to fashion hijab .. to know more, just watch it!! This video entitled "Hijab Chill The 2nd"

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