Khairy Writer: Ramadhan Datang Lagi Ramadhan has Come again...

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02 August, 2011

Ramadhan Datang Lagi Ramadhan has Come again...

This year marks as the first year for the Writer to fasting at the college. The situation is totally different with my past boarding school which is Sainsku. There, the food will be provided by the school and students don't have to worry about financial problems, ifthar and think about their transportation problem to break fast. So, my first time breaking fast at the college is frustrating. We have to walk about one mile to the bazaar, then the bazaar also full of people. we have rushed among the people. If not, the food will run out but of course i will not miss my favorite meal that is Laksa Penang.
Laksa Penang
I will be looking for it from about a thousand of juadah in bazaar. Laksa would have an appetite for the fans like myself. ..mummmmph!!

As usual, in the evening all Muslim students will going to the mosque for Tarawikh prayer. Tarawikh prayer did not exist in other months except Ramadhan. Thank god because give me the space and allowing me to get closer to you.


I hope that Ramadhan of this year will be more meaningful compare to than before. And hope my first time fasting at Unimas will make me to be more sincere, humility and grateful. Owh, i have to go now..i got usrah after know usrah?? find by your own inside the dictionary...hrmm

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