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03 August, 2011

Break Fast with MCR

MyChemical Romance FanClub T-shirt
Hello...hello (echo) The t-shirt are casual, comfortable and loose fitting. The heavy dark color t-shirt will quickly become one of those favorite. This is only the front view of the t-shirt...for more detail, you can contact to the supplier or design by yourself. Just click here>>

Hahaha, what's a weird muqaddimah (introduction). The MCR that actually I means is MyChicken R**.. sorry for the witticism. I just making the post sounds vogue and catching.
Hurm, how to begin this post.?? Okay, i will start my recital with the moment i arrived the MCR. What's i mentioned just now. The MCR is MyChicken Restaurant is actually the franchise of Ayamku and only opens in Sarawak. Again MyChicken Restaurant!! Not Ayamku...Personally, I think they should have stuck the original Malay name. "My Chicken Restaurant" sounds so original and way to complicated. It might be the reason because, like Singapore Chicken Rice, they just called it as SCR. It um simple, direct and 'popular'. SCR is really popular in Borneo because the price of its chicken rice are cheaper and affordable. But, soon it will be open in peninsular Malaysia, it's should be more popular among the chicken rice lovers, i hope so.
Ayamku or its popular name>> MCR
This is MCR located at the M10 commercial centre in Kota Padawan
Mostly just chicken on the menu. But, there is no mash potato list on the sad. I'd like to other mash potato in other places on other time lahhhh...(sigh)
What i like most about Mcr is the rand total on your bills. Unlike Kfc, taxes are included in the advertised price so you won't get any surprises in your bill.

Okay, that's only the introduction..haha. I will continue my story.....

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