Khairy Writer: National Curry Week (9-15th of October)

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12 October, 2011

National Curry Week (9-15th of October)

National Curry Week is started in 1988. During this week, curry lovers can get out and visit their local curry houses, some of which will be staging special events and fun challenges. The event is created to promote the cuisine and to raise funds for charities concentrating on hunger, malnourished and poverty.

What are they famous dishes??

Penang Curry Noodle

Famous Thai Green Chicken Curry

Remember Roti Canai?? Yeah, don't forget to eat it together with Kuah Dal

Common Malay Chicken Curry from Nusantara

And....tadah!! Assam Fish Head Curry

Now in its 14th year, National Curry Week 2011 for the first time invites not only curry restaurants, caterers, pubs, canteen etc, all over Britain but also the curry loving public who wish to dine at home with a takeaway or prepared meal. So, let's give our support to it!  

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