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07 October, 2011

Strangers,Stalkers or Secret Admire

Recently around this week, I have looking for friends from abroad such as the Philippines,America and India. If possible, I want to find friends from every country. My mother always advised, if we make friends from other countries, we can learn their language and culture at all.
Yesterday, I create an account IMVU, so I can interact with foreign people there. Among the things that always i'm asking about in there, do you have MSN? Facebook account? any YM? I do have things all that.
So, I went back to the original topic. When I met with this person from the middle of the country (i don't want mention it). I was really surprised after she gave his facebook link last night. Please read about this conversation ;

Me: Do you have Fb?
She: Is it Facebook? Yeah. i have one.
Me: Can i add you as friend there. So, u can see my picture other than see this 3D animation.
She: LOL..sure. http://***************
Me: Thanks! ;) *i hope this gurl can be my secret admire.

So, that's the conversation between us. She gave the response by giving her link. But, after i open the profile picture, suddenly!! Opps..that's my cousin. And, she also given me a massage. "I know about this earlier". So, from now on, i really satisfied with her because she has always been my stalker all the times. And last night, she pretend to be a stranger to me...and she know about my 'things'. Damn..
Okay. That's all..from me, the writer

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