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22 November, 2011

Another Gold For Malaysia!!

First of all, praise to Allah and a huge word of CONGRATULATIONS i bid to all of Harimau Malaya's fan and those who Proud To Be Malaysian! I am heartened to see another gold for Malaysia and that's for Football Game Dude!! Another thing, i'm really impressed after told by my father himself that Malaysia didn't taken any import players for this game. So, what i'm gonna to say here is even u have International players to play for you, we still can beat up them...Buatan Malaysia Terbaikk!!
To Indonesia, i understand that you're felt disappointed about the game. But please do not blame the players or goalkeeper of your country. Believe me that  your team is really great and BISA!! A steadfast game..
Last but not least, as usual....Salam Sayang from me and please show your enthusiasm for your country if you're really proud of it!
So, to all players Baddrul, Khairul Fahmi, Muslim Ahmad, Fadli Shaz, Nazmi Faiz, Fakri,, Thamil, Irfan, Gurusamy, Mahali, Yong and Izzaq Farris...your're all our hero.

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